Recieved your AUSPRINT? Let’s set it up!

1. Watch the AUSPRINT Setup Video

3. (Optional) Watch Driver Setup Video







4. Questions and Answers

What if I can't get it to work?

If you can't get your printer to work, we recommend that you download and read the PDF instruction guides as well as watch the instructional video for your computers operating system. If you have done this and followed the suggestions outlined in these guides yet are still experiencing difficulties with your printer setup, please reach out via live chat or email so our customer service representatives can assist you.

How can I print customised labels?

Printing customised labels is easy, all you have to do is create them in any application of your choice, then either print directly from the application or export then into a common file such as .PDF or .JPG and print them just as you would with a regular printer. If you need assistance changing your label size to a unique customised label, please watch our instructional videos for tips of how to do this.

Where can I buy more labels?

If you have run out of labels (or forgot to order labels), you can purchase them directly from our shop page, you will find a button leading to it located at the top of the page.

How do I get my labels to print darker/lighter/clearer?

If your labels are not coming out in your anticipated quality, chances are this can be easily fixed with changing your driver settings. The Main settings which need to be changed are Speed and Darkness. For information on how to change these settings, please watch our instructional videos above.

What if my labels aren't printing out properly?

If your labels are not printing out properly, there must be 3 things you need to address. We will use A6 shipping labels as an example. 1. Have you changed your shipping label format from A4 (4 labels per sheet) to A6 (1 label per sheet)? If not, you must do this. 2. Is your label size set to 100 x 150mm in your driver settings? If not, you must do this. 3. Are your labels perfectly centred behind the printer and guides adjusted to size? if not, you must do this.

5. Need Some Assistance?

Our technical support team can assist you via

Contact support

6. All Done! Get Printing.

Fanfold vs Roll

Fanfold labels can be used without the supplied roll holder by being set directly behind the printer and create a cleaner more minimalist look.

Roll labels should be used with the supplied roll holder by being loaded onto the stand and make for more convenient and smooth printing operations.

Blank Labels

Compatible with all domestic couriers and shipping companies

Eg. Australia Post, Sendle, Couriers Please, Aramex + Many More

These labels have a triple resistance coating protecting them from water, oil and alcohol

Size : 100 x 150mm (A6) or 4 x 6”

Express Labels

Designed for Australia Post

Compatible with :

MyPost Business

These labels have a triple resistance coating protecting them from water, oil and alcohol

Size : 100 x 205mm


To use the AUSPRINT with a computer, a wired connection must be established.

In the box we provide a standard USB-A to USB-B printer cable, however if you have a newer computer without USB-A ports (Such as an apple macbook 2016+ model), then you will require an alternative cable or an adapter.

Roll Holder

To use label rolls with your printer, you will require a label holder which you can purchase directly from us.